01 November 2011

I'm Allergic to Typos

I know. I'm a dork.
But come on. Opperated?
O.P.P. ain't down with that.
(Independanty is awesome, too.)


Wendy said...

Good lord and she paid a lot of money for those signs too. That's horrid. The girls' Girl Scout leader is a terrible speller. It bothers me so much that I'm considering finding a new troop for them. That's bad, isn't it? But I swear to baby Jesus if I get one more email where 'right' is spelled 'wright' and 'many' is 'maney' and 'follow' is 'falow'? I will shoot myself in the eye.

Written Permission said...

That is a massive fail.

(I cannot help editing all.the.time. It makes my husband INSANE.)

wrestling kitties said...

Ok, I am a lousy speller (and bad with grammar too!). But come on people...spell check! Especially if you are paying to have signs made.

I am with WP - FAIL.

Gerry said...

OMG! I'm not sure who is at fault here the person who ordered the sign. Did she write the words out for the printer? The printer who obviously didn't read and proof what they were printing or the person who ordered the sign(come full circle here) who obviously didn't read the sign when they picked them up. Then again maybe none of them can spell.