12 November 2011

I Woulda Lost that Bet

Billy and I got to watch two movies this weekend (yay, us!). I totally thought Bridesmaids was going to be the winner, but I was so wrong. So, so wrong. Bridesmaids was sad. But Hot Tub Time Machine was just the right amount of silly.


Wendy said...

I thought Hot Tub was going to be so stupid, I mean it's called Hot Tub Time Machine for cripe's sake. But it WAS funny! I was hoping Bridesmaids would be a lot funnier.

B. said...

Our 3rd movie was the best, Horrible Bosses. Funny stuff.

I heard a few people say they didn't like it because it was a Hot Tub Time Machine. Come on it was a comedy movie! Now if they try to make a serious movie about hot tub time machines then you can knock it.