28 November 2011

Happy Work-versary to Me

Can you believe that I've worked at my current job for five years and one day?! Me neither. This is the longest I've worked at any job ever. I tend to bolt around 4 years. There must be something about this place I like*.

Since I do most of my blogging from work (on my lunch hour, of course), I thought I'd celebrate my work-versary by welcoming you into my office. (It's really a cubicle, but saying 'welcoming you into my cube' didn't sound good, so office it is.)

1. My vinyl bees. I love them. I also have flowers. I wrote about them here.
2. My balls. I love them, too. I needed something to break up the white, white, white.
3. My plant. If I'm correct, it came from a plant the former me left my coworker.
4. My Kick A** Award, because I kick a**.
5. My gumball machine. I think I've had it at every real job I've ever had. I think.
6. My son. Hee hee.
7. My first Mother's Day present.
8. A picture of a can of Dr Pepper.
9. A mustache. For my massive computer.
10. My fan. 'Cause I'm always hot.
11. My window! I have a window!

1. Silly pictures from the photo kiosk at the mall. I love those things.
2. Books I never use here. :-( AP Stylebook, Ethics and Reporting, Best Newspaper Writing, etc.
3. A picture from Cancun some guy painted with his fingers. Or toes. I don't remember.
4. My buddha. He contained alcohol at one point. Yum.
5. My clover candy bowl, made by Wendy.
6. Some of my awards. I don't know what else to do with them, so I put them out.
7. Recipes I promised to sort and bind for my coworker while she was on maternity leave. She's back.
8. Pictures. I have lots of pictures in my office. Makes it more homey, you know?
9. My piggy boink. (BB says 'boink' instead of bank. Instead of correcting him, which I think we're supposed to do, I now say it, too. Boink, boink, boink.)

*Despite all the ups and downs, and there have been quite a few, I really do love my job. Sometimes I even believe I am making a difference in people's lives. It's tough having little to no leadership. And vague information will be the death of me. But, I think my institution's heart is in the right place - and the benefits are amazing - so I plan to be here for awhile longer. Dare I say I could have an 8-year work-versary? Twice as long as anywhere else I've ever worked?!


Wendy said...

Sweet! Your office is so organized. I've been at my job for five years come January and it floors me. This is the longest stint I've been anywhere. I should take pics of my office!

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

I loved this. It's looking looking into other people's homes at night when their lights are on. I love it. :)

And, I think what you are doing is making a difference. Totally.

(Nice plant, yo.)

B. said...

You should take another picture since George made you move it all to paint.