13 November 2011

Book Review: In the Woods

I love visiting friends and family, if only to steal books from them. I stole two from my brother- and sister-in-law this summer and am just now getting to them. First up, In the Woods by Tana French.

Confession. I have one chapter to go and just now realized the book is called In the Woods, not Into the Woods. Oops.

Name aside, this is a great book. Believable dialogue. Complex characters. Twist-filled murder case. Very, very good. I'm really excited that French brings her characters into her second book, The Likeness. I wasn't quite ready to let them go.

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Gerry said...

Uh Oh! I guess that I have to download this to my kindle. I have had friends tell me that her books are good. I'm reading a Sookie Stackhouse right now.