15 November 2011

B is for Button

I realized yesterday that I never shared my cool button project with you!

I had been challenged to do something crafty with a letter. Anything I wanted. Draw. Carve. Paint. Whatever my heart desired.

I decided to make a B out of buttons. I was going to put it in BB's room, but since he's not a baby anymore, it doesn't really go with his decor (cars, books, etc.). In hindsight, I shoulda made an S so I could use it as decoration somewhere in our house.

Anyway, I think it turned out cute. And it was fun to do. Not as easy as you'd think, which I enjoyed.


Wendy said...

CUTE! It is on a canvas?

Iris Took said...

Love it! Hot glue gun?

Amber said...

Yes, canvas! Hot glue woulda been good, but I used regular ol glue.

Gerry said...

Cute! I think that this could still go in his room or on his door. Reminds me of the time BB and I sat in my stitching room with all the buttons all over the floor.