31 October 2011

This IS My Costume

Today marks the 3rd (ish*) time I've ever dressed up for Halloween. I know. Sad, right?

My dad was all paranoid growing up so we never went trick-or-treating. Not one single time. Plus we lived in the country and I don't think people trick-or-treat in the country. I don't know.

Anyway, my first year at college, I was really excited to get invited to a Halloween party. Unfortunately I didn't know until the last minute that I needed a costume. So what does newly unleashed on life, college girl Amber go as? An Army chick. Needless to say, I was no match for the girls who wore their Hooter's uniforms.

The next year, I was a genie. Yep, a slutty genie. It was great. (Not original, but great.) I went out with a bunch of friends, including a guy, but my real goal was to show off my, ahem, assets to the bouncer at the bar. He ignored them, I mean me. Never once looked past my I.D. (But it's cool, I married him anyway.)

I haven't dressed up since then, until today. My costume is hoo-larious, but very few people would get it. And that's OK with me. I'm having fun. And I get to go trick-or-treating tonight, I mean, I get to take BB trick-or-treating tonight. What a great day!

* Once in elementary school, I dressed up, as a clown, I think, for school, only to find out that we weren't supposed to dress up. I was mortified. Luckily, my make-up washed off easily and mom brought me new clothes. Still, I don't like to think about that day.


Mud said...

I'd like to hear the bouncer's version of this story!

wrestling kitties said...

what is your costume?!! I didn't read or see anything.

Gerry said...

Yeh! What was your costume? ( And the bouncer was trying not to be obvious )Where did you take BB trick or treating. You happen to now live in the country. Houses are very far apart! People not trick or treating in the country, most people take there kids to the closest village or housing development. I never went trick or treating either.