24 October 2011

Ode to the Blue House, Part 1

Somewhere between finding out we got the new house and packing and moving and getting settled and grad school starting again and work becoming a bit overwhelming and planning a Halloween party, I forgot to say a proper farewell to our old house. So, in the spirit of better late than never, here I go.

I have about six zillion happy memories in our old, blue house. One of the first being Billy insisting that it's gray, not blue! He's a guy, he doesn't see color like me. :-) In no particular order, here are some of my favorite memories of this house. Since we're not selling it just yet, I may do this again (for real) in the future. Until then, a bit of an ode:
  • House numbers. When Billy and I bought the house, we swear there were house numbers below the front porch security light. But after the third or so guest asked why we kept referring to non-existent house numbers, we had to look again. Yep. They were gone. Who takes house numbers with them when they move?
  • That pine tree. In the 7 years we lived in that house, that tree had to have grown 7 feet. It's going to be massive. By last Christmas, we couldn't even reach the top of it to put lights on, and we have a tall ladder!
  • The fence. Oh, boy. We used to have a chain link fence around our yard. I hated it. I thought it looked cheap and ghetto-y and I was tired of kids playing on it, so I decided to take it down. Digging out fence posts is hard work. Just ask the a**hole neighbor I yelled at when he stood watching, and critiquing, me while I worked. Funny thing, about 4 days after the fence was officially gone, we got a dog. Whoops.
  • The porch. We had some good, good times on that porch. Playing Scrabble with the McCartts come to mind. Listening to Bob play guitar comes to mind. Reading on the porch swing comes to mind. Watching a drunk guy fall into the road and pass out cold does too.
  • The stoop. Devo loved to sit on our stoop things and pretend he was a lion. Or a gargoyle. Either way, good times.
  • The roof. One time, when I was about 8 weeks pregnant, I was forbidden from climbing on it. (I was going to clear the gutters.)
  • The airing deck. When we moved in, I thought I was going to use the h*ll outta that deck, but I never really did. Billy and I ate dinner out there once.
  • The stage. We used to have a deck along the south side of our yard, not attached to the house. It was odd. We called it a stage. I thought grass would look nicer, so I tore it apart (with help, of course).
  • The kennel. We used to have a kennel in the back yard, but a tree took down 1 1/2 sides of it and we took out the rest.
  • The pool. We used to have a pool in the back yard, but I wanted a yard, so I took it down. (Are we seeing a theme here?) We used the pool a lot one summer, but mostly it was a headache. And I was in constant fear that someone would jump off the airing deck into it and break their neck.
  • The intersection. You wouldn't know it, but we lived at a very dangerous intersection. After we closed, but before we moved in, someone ran the stop sign and plowed into our chain link fence (another reason I decided to take it down). This spring, a car ran the stop sign and crashed into our porch. Remember?
  • Our grill. One of the first big purchases we made for our house was a grill. I kept it at a perfect angle to the fence in our back yard. One day, I noticed it was moved. And that the flowers behind it were trampled. That is when I seriously knew we had to move. Ain't nobody needs to be hiding in my back yard.
  • Our dining room window. One night, after Billy and Bob when on their weekly trash-taking-out-trip (which included a walk to the local bar), the neighbor caught them trying to climb in that window! I love that the neighbor was watching out for us. I'm also glad he didn't shoot the boys in the butt!
  • Kids. Ug. I didn't know that 7 years ago, at age 27, I was going to turn into a crotchety old man. I hated when kids would play in our yard. I yelled at them a lot. Once, I even refused to give their football back. Take that, crappy kids. Ha.
Wow. I had a lot to say about the outside of our house. I haven't even gone down memory road inside yet. I think I'm going to call it a day and reminisce about rest of our house another day. Peace.


Mud said...

That is so sweet!

wrestling kitties said...

Love this :)

I know it will be sad to leave this house, our first home together.

I can't wait to hear about your NEW house! So exciting!