08 September 2011

I'm Feelin' Spinny

Did you know that a spinning top is also called a spintop or just a top? Interesting, huh?

I feel like one of those right now, have for a couple months, actually. Every time I think I'm just about ready to stop, someone pushes my damn button and I'm off again.

As a result, I'm doing a lot of things poorly. Our recent (ongoing) move was the worst ever. I'm half-assing things at work (shhh!). Even this old blog is suffering.

For example, I'm creating quite the stockpile of Post-it notes covered in potential blog topics: our new house, live lettuce, the best radio station in the world, NPR, senior pictures, gas station lady... gas station lady? I don't even know what the heck that means.

To keep you intrigued - and for posterity - here are a few tidbits. Enjoy.
  • Billy and BB have poison ivy. BB is handling it waaaaaay better than Billy is. In fact, I don't even think BB knows he has poison ivy. Billy, on the other hand, is a mess.*
  • Billy lost his wedding ring last night, but quickly found it. He claims it wasn't technically lost since he knew where it was and he got it back within a few hours, but I claim that dropping it in a sump pump pit is about as good as gone as you can get (most of the time).
  • On a related note, when the radon people installed their mitigation system in our new basement, they messed up our sump pump. Water in new basement = not good.
  • Our riding lawnmower doesn't have power steering. Or maybe it does and I'm weak. Either way, my back hurts.
  • Having a truck for the past week and a half has convinced me that we need one. Not want. Need.
  • The Onion had a great story about people wanting things the other day. Read it. Laugh.
  • Football is back! Oh, yeah, baby!
  • Someone from my past recently came back into my life (via Facebook). I'm excited ... and nervous.
  • I want to write a silly blog post about housewarming gifts I want, but I'm afraid someone will take it seriously and be offended. Maybe I could write JK after every item?
  • Do they make anything Rogaine-ish for women?
  • I've still never blogged about my sleep apnea. I should sometime.
  • I love my 3rd Kindle. He and I are getting along superbly. (Meaning I haven't broken him yet.)
  • The student newspaper I advise is one of the funnest (yes, it's a word) parts of my job ... at least right now. I have the best group of students ever and have high hopes for this semester. Remind me of this in two months when the whole thing's in the pooper.
Anyway, everything will settle down sooner or later (hopefully before my next grad school class starts at the end of the month) and then I'll be wondering what all the fuss was about. Until then, bear with me.

* I'm exaggerating slightly for effect.


Sarah said...

I'm dying about this house thing. Uh...more info PUH-LEASE.

Gerry said...

That is some list!!

Wendy said...

I'm glad you haven't broken your third Kindle! And, thing'll calm down soon.

Wendy said...

I meant "things'll" which I know it's a word.

Wendy said...

OMG where is my brain today. I can't type worth a damn. OK I meant in my clarification comment I know it's NOT a word.


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