15 September 2011

Home Sweet Second Home

Finally! A post about the new house! I know someone will be happy!

I've been putting off this post for years now, so bear with me while I catch y'all up!

A couple years ago, Billy and I started making a 4-year plan to get out of dodge (a.k.a Toledo). Nothing against the city, except that it's ... the city. We never intended to stay there forever - it was always our starter home - and with the housing market the way it is, we knew we needed to start planning.

So, we met with our friend/Realtor, the amazing Jody Zink. She hooked us up with a great financial guy and we all started making the 'We Want to Move Plan'. We had a deadline of 2013.

Every now and then, Jody would take us to see a house we thought met our requirements, and I'd look online from time to time, but there was never an official house search. We weren't in a hurry and the main goal was saving money so that when the time came we could be ready.

That all changed one night when I was looking at houses online. Just that morning, for the first time publicly, I announced, via a vague message to the universe on Facebook, that I was ready to move. I'd had it with our old neighborhood and just wanted to get the show on the road. (Our old house is great. It's an awesome house and we have a lot of wonderful, sappy memories there, it just wasn't our forever house.)

Anyway, I was looking at houses online, while BB and Billy read, and I found it. Our house. You want to know what my first words were? 'What's this ugly thing?' Yep. I thought it was ugly. It's not, at all, it just looked lonely in the picture.

Despite the perceived unattractiveness of our house (some landscaping is going to do wonders!), we were hooked. It sits on a little over 6 acres, about half of which is wooded, surrounded by fields. 3 beds, 1 bath (laundry room should easily be able to support a half bath, eventually), dining room, full basement, deck off the back, two-car garage, shed. Built in 2004, well, septic, propane, in an excellent - with distinction - school district, 15 minutes from work. We even have room for a pond, eventually.

We immediately jumped into 4th gear. I honestly think we knew from that night that we had found our house and it was time to move. We drove past it, called Jody, went inside, wrote an offer and 45 days later, got the keys!

It's been an emotional couple of months. For several reasons. One, because we haven't really been talking about this process. We didn't want to get our hopes up. We didn't want to jinx it. We are afraid to have two mortgages (we plan to rent our old house, sooooooooo send me the contact information for all your friends and family members looking to rent). We didn't want it to fall through at the last minute, like so many things in housing are right now, and then be devastated. Honestly, I couldn't've handled an ounce of sympathy. Yep, keeping it to ourselves was bad for my digestive system, but good for my ego.

We've been living at the house for almost two weeks now and I'm finally comfortable enough in the belief that it really is ours that I can share pictures! I have a whole lot more to say about the house, but for now, enjoy an overhead view!


Sassytimes said...

How exciting! I'm glad you found your 'forever' home. It's fun living in the county...peaceful. Your house is situated much like ours. Congratulations!

Gerry said...

It is a great house, in a great setting. I'm so happy for you two. I you could just get the other house rented life would really be wonderful!

Sarah said...

of course you post this the day I leave for a work conference and can't read it for days!

Congrats! It looks lovely...and the land? Oh, I'm a tad jealous.