22 September 2011

A Blog By Any Other Name

When I started this blog nearly 5 years ago, I thought I found the perfect name: Write Here, Write Now. (You can read about how Write Here, Write Now came to be here.)

But over the years, I've started liking this name less and less. It's too something. Cliched, maybe? Cutesy? Obvious?

More and more often, I find myself thinking, 'If I ever start a new blog, I'll name it ...'.

But I don't want to start a new blog. I like this one just fine. So maybe I'll rename it.

I work in marketing; I take rebranding very seriously. But I think in this case, it might be a good move. Billy has already created a fun new look that I've yet to unveil, maybe I'll couple it with the name change at my official 5-year anniversary in December.

(Remind me if I forget.)


Sarah said...

I think about changing the name of mine all the time. (Not that I've been great about blogging in the past year or more...)

But I'm afraid.

Iris Took said...

Unveiling! Sounds so official. You should have a party at Frickers or something.

Amber said...

Sarah, why are you afraid?

Iris, maybe you could be my event planner? :-)

Laida said...

oh please dont change it! i was just randomly looking through blogs and i loved the name so i followed :D and i like reading your posts too for sure :)