06 September 2011

Amber & Jax Sitting in a Tree

He's dirty. He smokes. He cusses. He's a slut.

I love him.

Yep, me and Jax Teller are an item. It's been going on for several months, but I've been keeping it on the down low. I'm not ready to officially become his 'old lady'. Plus, MC life is scary. His mom is scary. But, oh, that back. Yowzers!

Season 4 debuts tonight on FX. There's a reason the actors in this show are racking up awards - they're awesome. The show is awesome. If you want to be awesome, check it out.


Written Permission said...

LOVE THIS SHOW. We've been counting down the days 'til the season premiere for months.

And yes, Jax (in all his dirty, smelly, greasy glory) is a big reason. :) Although his weird walk still makes me giggle.

(Have you seen the previews? I think he cut his greasy hair. I approve.)

Carla said...

I was just telling Billy that season 3 kicks butt. You have to catch up because in one of the season 3 episodes you will see Jax from the back fully naked. Sigh.

Wendy said...

Ha, you called him a slut. That made me LOL.

Mickey D. said...

Oh, I'm so awesome. I definitely checked it out. Love this show! Love it, love it!

You'll need to see the family photo we took of all of us in our leather vests.

Jax. Sigh.

Iris Took said...

Based on this post, I feel like I have been missing something I love.