15 August 2011

Thinking About Making Myself Something

After much discussion about cross-stitching this weekend, I'm starting to get the itch to do another project. I have a gazillion patterns to choose from (and I accumulated more this weekend), but I think I'm going to redo one.

I made the sampler shown here a few years ago for Wendy over at A Couple More Hours, but by the time I was done with it, I really wanted to just keep it for myself. If I hadn't blogged about it here, I might have!

It's been awhile since I've made something for myself - making gifts is usually more my style - so maybe this will be my next project.

(Sidebar. Odd, don't you think, that I blogged about working on this, but never showed the completed piece? Whoops.)


Wendy said...

I get the itch to cross stitch each fall!

Can't wait to get out and display this piece! I love it a lot.

wrestling kitties said...

FUN! I cross-stitched something last year and now I am also getting the "itch" to do something else. First I have to finish the damn blanket I started for Henry :)

Love the picture!!