16 August 2011

Roooooooad Trip!

We took a road trip last weekend (to Cleveland) and while it's not really that far, we had to first stop for the obligatory road trip snacks: beef jerky, licorice and pop. Peanut M&Ms are also on my road trip food list, but we didn't get them this time. :(

What's on your road trip food list?


Mud said...

Short trip: goldfish, raisins, milk and Sippies for the kids.
Long trip (9-12 hrs): that plus coffee, iced tea, Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits with string cheese, granola bars, beef jerkey, Twizzlers. M. has to have sunflower seeds, and a soda for the bottle to spit the shells.
I see we have some overlap ;)

wrestling kitties said...


- Beef Jerky fo sho!
- Pepsi
- some candy like a Reese's Pieces or M&M's
- Grapes (i know healthy but a total must)
- Goldfish crackers
- Granola or Trail Mix

I need to do a road trip again!!