11 August 2011

A Peek in My Head

These are a few of the things I'm thinking about today.
What are you thinking about?

(If you know why these things are on my mind, or if you think you know,
please don't say anything here [or on


Written Permission said...

Well, NOW my interest is piqued. :)

I would kick a squirrel for that fire pit to be in my yard. (Well, maybe just nudge a squirrel with my toe.)

Amber said...

It is totally OK to kick squirrels. In fact, if deciding between kicking or nudging, I'd definitely go for the kicking. It's much safer that way. If it decides to go all attack squirrel, you're putting distance between yourself and him.


wrestling kitties said...

Oh that fire pit and hammock look AWESOME!

My head is SO full right now I don't even know if I could clearly say everything I am thinking about today. It would like like a scribble drawing from a 2 year old!!

Wendy said...

Mmmm, that hammock.