30 August 2011

Hidden Treasures

Billy and I are in the process of moving (more on that later) and man am I finding some good things while packing! It's making the process slower - and reminiscing always makes me sad - but it's fun nonetheless.

First up: one of the first things my good buddy Wendy ever made me:

The actual first thing was a scarf, but unless I'm completely losing my mind, this pillow was second. I remember her giving it to me in a parking lot behind Pisanello's in BG!

One of the other fun things I found was this plaque:

It says I used to be good at math! Ha! I'm sure no one believes that, but it's true! I have proof!

Stay tune for more fun finds (and details on the new house)!


Iris Took said...

This is exactly why I cannot be clean and tidy. I hate throwing away sentimental things!

Wendy said...

Good finds!