07 July 2011

Sewing Project #2

I completed another sewing project last night! (Yay!)
This brings my total to 2 (or 3, depending on how you count).
I went with tissue holders again. I figure I need to master these before I move on.
They're for BB's teachers, Amy and Erin, to commemorate their recent coffee project.
Cute, right?


Wendy said...


Sassytimes said...

Super cute! I bet you could use that same pattern and make wipe covers for baby bag/purse.

Gerry said...

You go girl Very nice but your supposed to say TA Da. My girlfriends and I call a finished project a TA Da because that is what we say when we are done with one. Then you get a round of applause.
So here is a round of applause for you!!

Mud said...

Fun, isn't it once you can get started. Those are so cute. You can make them to match all of your bags ;) Yay for doing them!