28 July 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

After years of only eating chips when they were around, either at a potluck or party, never in my pantry, I have become addicted to them. Specifically, Barbecue Lays. I could eat an entire family-size bag myself in a matter of days. (Dare me?)

Update: Interesting. Look what I just found. This has happened before.


Mud said...

I double-dog dare you. I don't buy chips, mostly because I'd eat them all too. I don't normally crave them either, but when I do, watch out. I don't like the BBQ type though. Plain or Sour Cream & Onion for me.
Ballreich's though? Oh my. Wish I never tried them.

Sassytimes said...

I'm not a chip fan either, but lately have been LOVING them. Maybe it's in the air?

Wendy said...

I find that I can't get enough blue torilla chips. I bet they don't even taste any different than the regular colored torilla chips, but they LOOK different, therefore cool, therefore get into my mouth. And when I pair my blue tortilla chips with pickled bologna and cut up cheese? Snack heaven!

(I consumed the jar of pickled bologna that you gave me in 30 days exactly. Um, yum! My aunt has since delivered me a second jar. I'm trying to eat it slowly.)