07 June 2011

I'm a Taxpayer, Damn It!

I'm starting to realize, slowly, that I'm an adult. And things matter to me. I have opinions. And I'm feeling more and more compelled to share them.

Watch out, world!

For example, when Billy and I bought our house 7 years ago, we thought we had lucked out - we hadn't realized we had two really nice city parks within blocks before we moved in. Parks weren't anywhere on our list of things we'd like to live near.

But we've used the hell out of those parks over the years. We've played tennis, rode our bikes, walked, ran, played on the playground, sledded, played softball and just in general enjoyed time at our beautiful parks.

But holy hell are they going to shit. (I apologize for all the cussing. I only do it when I'm really worked up.) That picture above is not one of our parks, but it is a good pre-this-summer representation. Wide open, nicely mowed grass; beautiful trees; functioning benches; cleared asphalt bike/walking paths, etc.

Now? Picture a movie involving Arnold Schwarzenegger: Broken picnic benches, trees falling or fallen down, graffiti, trash, weeds, bugs. Blech.

I don't know what to do about it. Yes, it's been a wet spring, mowing is hard. But come on. The weeds are taller than BB. And the big grassy area kids play soccer? It's a bug-infested swamp. Riding my bike is even dangerous. I don't joke. One of these days, the trees I have to swerve around and duck under are going to get me.

I know budget cuts and lay-offs are affecting everything, but in a city already heading downhill, this doesn't make me want to stick around. Grr.

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MissLoveB said...

I would call the local officials. Tell them how concerned you are about the park. Also be sure to mention the issues of safety... that'll probably get them moving fastest... good luck. :)