22 June 2011

Goin' Fishin'

BB's been expressing interest in fishing lately. Last weekend while we were camping, he even asked to go 'catch a fish'. Cute!

So, I made him an indoor fishing set - complete with fish and pole. It's a hit!

You can make this, too! I found some cute fish online, printed them out, cut them out, taped a paper clip between two back to back, tied one end of some yarn to a magnet, the other to a stick from our yard and viola!

Next time (I don't expect these fish to last forever), I'm thinking about putting a paperclip between two fish stickers stuck back to back. Like these here. But, you could get crazy and have your child draw and/or color fish, print them, cut them and tape them.

What a great indoor (or outdoor) rainy day activity!

Update. After going fishing, we cook the fish:

Update. After cooking the fish, we eat the fish:

I wasn't around for the cooking or eating. That was all Billy and BB!

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