16 June 2011

Buy This CD Today

You all know how much I (obsessively) love music. And how much I analyze music (best duet ever, best cover ever, etc.). And how I keep track of my likes (best CDs ever, favorite songs ever). It can be exhausting.

I save most of you from that craziness (I reserve it for Billy and Bob), but today I must insist that you run out and buy Kings of Leon's Come Around Sundown. Beyond good. Already on my list of favorite CDs of all time.

I bought it because I couldn't get enough of Pyro. It reminded me of Eddie Vedder and I love the bass and chorus. But after a few (hundred) listens to the entire CD, I couldn't pick a favorite song if you held a gun to my head.

The End, The Face, Mi Amigo are awesome. I love the country vibe of Back Down South. The tempo of No Money. The 50s vibe of Mary, the guitar in which reminds me of a local band I loved in college.

The only song I have the slightest issue with is Radioactive, which to me sounds a little bit like U2. (I'm not a U2 fan. Or a Phil Collins fan. Or a Genesis fan. And I hate the song The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics.)

How do you feel about Kings of Leon? Which CD of theirs should I get next?


wrestling kitties said...

LOVE the Kings of Leon!

Haven't heard this yet, but I want to go get it!

I listen to their CD "Only By The Night" ALL THE TIME and love the entire CD.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

Am buying this now.