02 May 2011

Typewriter Fever

Since learning that typewriters are nearly extinct, I've become a bit obsessed.
I really, really want one like my old one. It's my summer garage saling mission.
In the meantime, I'm curbing my cravings with these fun Etsy finds:
I can think of 100 uses for this image.

It's green and it's a typewriter. 'Nuff said.

I agree with this print. Life is good - as long as I have time to write.

This bumper sticker sums me up.

One of my husband's favorite phrases is Right on, Writer. This poster is perfect.


XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

OMGosh I have always wanted to learn how to type on the typewriter since I was younger. Right now they have been replaced with the keyboard :( But hopefully I can still learn. I remember a few things but not everything or enough to be proficient at it.

Written Permission said...

While I don't share your love of typewriters (at least not for typing -- definitely for the aesthetic), I LURVE the bumper sticker and poster! Want. WANT.