10 May 2011

The Time Has Come

I'm itchy. Not in a bad way. Not in a need-Calamine-lotion way, but in a big-things-are-about-to-happen way. In a life-is-taking-a-turn way.

A few years ago, wait, maybe more like 7-8 years ago, I got to be part of something pretty amazing. And scary. And controversial. And emotional. And moving. Taking part was a decision I made in about 3 seconds, if that. I honestly never thought about my decision until after I made it. Never thought through my decision until after I made it. I just reacted, which for those of you who really know me, know isn't me.

But, to this day, I've never questioned my actions. And I'll physically harm anyone who ever questions them or my motives. I believe - all medical and religious qualms aside - that what I did was the right thing to do. And I'd do it again. In a heartbeat.

I know people hate teaser posts, but I felt that I had to write something this very minute about the stuff coming around the corner. The story that's about to be shared - for the first time - publicly. I hope you read the story, both here and elsewhere on the internets. I promise it's gonna make you laugh and cry and pray and feel things you may never have felt before. It may also help you, or someone you know. That's why it's time to tell this story. It's time to get our help on.


Written Permission said...

You know you're seriously killing me right now, right?

Wendy said...

Did you feel like it was Christmas Eve when you posted this? :)

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

You know, I love that you didn't even think twice about this.

You're amazing.