09 May 2011

Spins and Spins and Stuff Stays In

It works. It really works.

I think my husband and I have spent more time trying to get stuff to fall out of the Gyro Bowl than BB's actually spent using it, but the bottom line is, it works. Not a Cheerio has been spilled since we got this little contraption. In fact, when I had to empty it, to clean it, I had one heck of a time.

I don't think BB needs this bowl - he's beyond careful when carrying things - but he enjoys the oddity of it. In short, I'd buy it again and I think it'd make a fun gift.


wrestling kitties said...

Love it!

When I see the commercial I always wonder if I could find a way to get that stuff out of there! I think it is a great idea. Glad it works because someday I think we will get one for Henry....and like you spend more time playing with it!!

Iris Took said...


Sassytimes said...

I'm so glad this works! A friend of mine works for the news and they tested it and said it did not work. But...they were adults, throwing it down stairs and such. I think my kids would love it! Thanks for the review.