01 May 2011

Let There Be Light Part 2

Remember 3 years ago when I wrote here about the HandySwitch? (That's weird. I remember all your blog posts! I'll give you a few minutes to read it. Da da da da da da da. DA! Da-da da da da da.)

Welcome back.

That purchase has always been one of my favorites. It's an infomercial product that actually works! And was something we really needed.

I hesitate to put this next part in writing, mostly because I think the HandySwitch people are going to add this to their commercials and I won't get credit. But all fears aside, I've decided to share.

We put the HandySwitch in our middle bedroom because that room doesn't have a ceiling light. It has a wall light that you have to walk clear into the room to turn on. While the HandySwitch doesn't help us turn that light on, it does allow us to turn a lamp on. In a fit of brilliance a few weeks ago (yes, I have them from time to time), I lowered the switch, which looks like a regular light switch. Why? Well, that room is BB's room and now he can turn his light on and off by himself! Genius!

If you don't have a HandySwitch, here's yet another reason why you need to get one!

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B. said...

I am still reaching up high in the old switch position.