23 March 2011

I'm a Sucker for Covers

A few years ago, my music-lovin' friends and I played, 'What's your favorite cover?'. Little music questions like this are fun for us and this one didn't disappoint. For example, 'Landslide' was high on everyone's list - but by different artists. This blew our minds - and led us to believe that that is a testament to the song and songwriter.

Anyway, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are one of my favorite cover bands. Actually my only favorite cover band - until now. While playing a morning medley inspired by the rain ('I Love a Rainy Night', 'Umbrella'), I stumbled upon a cover of 'Umbrella' by The Baseballs. I'm kinda hooked. 'Poker Face', 'Chasing Cars', 'Hey There Delilah', all good stuff. Check 'em out on YouTube!


Iris Took said...

I love a good cover band and used to go to this terrible bar in Toledo so see them once a month. Very fun!

Ellius said...

I saw Badfish (the Sublime cover band) play once not too long ago. While I'm not terribly into Sublime, I realized that I knew a lot more of their music than I had previously thought. The concert was great!

As for cover songs, I really love when I find covers that are BETTER than the original. Johnny Cash's "Hurt" was better than Nine Inch Nail's original, as was "Have A Cigar" by Primus (original by Pink Floyd).