17 March 2011

I ♥ St. Patrick's Day!

Aside from my birthday ... and BB's birthday ... and my husband's birthday ... and Devo's birthday, St. Patrick's Day is my favorite day of the year. I could say it's my favorite holiday (Halloween is a close second).

This quirky little fact about me is recognized and loved by many of my friends who, to celebrate, send me cards and gifts. Seriously. It's a sweet deal.

My loot this year has included cards, a bookmark, a Good Luck Bear Care Bear book and two handmade items from Wendy: a crocheted clover pin and crocheted clover garland (pictured here).

I love that no matter how quirky it is, my friends support this addiction of mine. And addiction it is. This morning, I couldn't decide which clover necklace to wear (I have 4), so I wore 2. At work, I got a little giddy when I saw the clover bracelets being sold for 50 cents at a bake sale and spent money destined for lunch - necessary nourishment - on one.

Because my friends so fully support me, I in turn share the love and typically bring edible goodies to work. I didn't this year because, in a dark moment, I didn't think anyone appreciated it. I might've been wrong. So, I'm bringing the goodies that I had planned for today in tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe it was my plan all along in order to extend the day 24 more hours.


Wendy said...

The garland looks fab on your mantle! Love it!!

Ellius said...

I too enjoy St. Patrick's Day! I unfortunately could not celebrate much this year, but I will not be making that mistake again.