24 February 2011

Top Shot Hits the Bullseye

Very few people know that yours truly used to be a competitive bow shooter. (Yes, yes, I'll sign autographs.) For awhile, my dad tried to convince me to get into competitive rifle shooting, but beating him and my brother (and all their friends) in at-home contests was enough for me.

These two really embarrassing confessions should explain why I love History's show Top Shot. I spent a good portion of my childhood shooting paper plates and playing cards and pop cans (sometimes empty, sometimes not) and I'm itching to try some of the challenges they put together on Top Shot. I'm not even close to being good enough for the show, but I'm hoping they'll let me participate for funsies. Kinda like how I want to go on Wipeout's course, but not the actual show.

1 comment:

wrestling kitties said...

You are seriously AWESOME. I want an autograph for sure!