10 February 2011

OOO! Oolong!

I've always liked the tea Chinese restaurants serve, but I've never been able to find it. After Googling 'what kind of tea to Chinese restaurants serve' - and getting 546,000 hits - I realized I am not alone! (Yay!)

The consensus was that it's most likely oolong. Maybe jasmine oolong. So, Billy bought me some oolong from the Asian section at Kroger. Not the kind pictured here, but a kind with the box entirely written in Chinese, which explains why I can't find a picture.

It's it! Or at least so close that my inexperienced palate can't taste a difference! Yay!


B. said...


Iris Took said...

GOOD ONE! I love tea! DT bought me some teavana for christmas and OOLONG is definitely one of my favorite types of tea.

Gerry said...

I love Oolong tea. Have been drinking it for years.

Anonymous said...
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