21 February 2011

My Chocolate 'Experience'

After crazy girl plowed into our porch Friday, we decided to get out of the house for a bit to unwind. Rudy's Hotdogs and a stop at Boyd's Retro Candy (can you tell we have a child and didn't have a babysitter) were the destinations.

I was kind of afraid that the Rudy's ladies were going to steal BB. They are big fans of cute little blond boys. And they love to overshare, er, talk about their kids and grandkids.

The craziness continued at Boyd's where an 8-ish-year-old boy recognized my reference to Half Baked and Abba Zabas and the tall teen boy working promised me that the mint Aero bar I was eyeing would provide an excellent chocolate experience.

Both boys were a little too overwhelming for me. (The younger boy couldn't believe that Abba Zabas were real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [His exclamation points.]) But the Aero bar was good.


Iris Took said...

This day sounds like a dream come true!

B. said...

Don't forget the younger child must have eaten five pounds of chocolate. He was definitely on some sort of sugar high!

Gerry said...

Chocolate cures everything! Especially chocolate and mint - my favorite combination before chocolate and cherry and chocolate and raspberry! That aero bar looks good. I don't think I have ever had one of those. And by the way why have I never been to the retro candy store???

wrestling kitties said...

Where is this retro candy store....I feel I NEED to go and check it out! Like NOW.