04 February 2011

A Message from the Foundation to Promote Bowling

Last week, a woman who had it all - a good job, a nice house, a wonderful husband, a beautiful son, an obedient dog and caring friends and family members - got a little more. She went bowling.

I know what you're thinking: 'b*tch'. It doesn't seem quite fair that a woman with a 100-pound lap dog also gets to go bowling. Here's where the story takes a turn.

This trip was the woman's first in at least three years. Sad, but she can't remember the last time she went bowling. And she's not alone. Millions of people across the country suffer from Post-Bowling Depression.

Post-Bowling Depression, or PBD, occurs when women, and more rarely, men, take long hiatuses between bowling excursions. The excitement of the day is followed by plans to go again - soon. But for many, soon never comes. Before they know it, weeks, months, and in extreme cases, even years go by before the sufferer bowls again.

How can you help the Foundation to Promote Bowling and PBD sufferers? Offer them a ride to the local bowling alley. Bowl with them. Watch their kids while they bowl. It doesn't take a lot of time or money to help promote bowling and fight Post-Bowling Depression. You can make a difference.

Thank you.


Sassytimes said...

I haven't been bowling in years. Good idea!

Written Permission said...

Is it bad that I now prefer bowling on the Kinect? I'm just so much BETTER at fake bowling than real bowling!

Wendy said...

We took the girls bowling one time and we all had a blast. We need to go back. One of their friends last year in preschool had a bowling birthday party - I thought that was cool and not something kids would even think of doing now-a-days.

wrestling kitties said...

HAHAHA! Too funny!

I love bowling and happy I work some place where they do a bowling outing now once a year. So once a year I get my bowling fix!

Gerry said...

Ha Ha! You are a dork! But a lovable dork. I used to love to bowl. Most of the bowling alleys around here have closed. We used to bowl at one that had over 100 lanes and was always totally booked. I took bowling as one of my gym credits in college and took lessons from a pro later on. I quit when I couldn't take the cigaret smoke any more. You need to join a couples bowling league.