07 February 2011

BB's Thank You Cards

Phase 2 of Operation Crafty Mom Makes Son's Birthday invitations included thank you cards. Much to the surprise of the friend to went to the Hob Lob with me to get supplies, I didn't have a plan in mind when I started. (This is very, very unlike me.) Something my friend said while we were shopping totally set this plan in place - and I love the outcome.
Above is the outside of the card, 7 inches wide with a 5-inch fold.
Elmo's arm (I loooove my Cricut) holds the card closed.
Here is the inside of the card. BB's official 2-year picture is attached to the left with temporary adhesive; the actual thank you note went on the right. Don'tcha love how it looks like Elmo wrote 'Thank You' on the front of the card and the note inside? (Sorry. I'm a little too impressed with myself right now. I'm not normally like this.)


Sassytimes said...


We are doing an Elmo theme for E's 1st birthday.

Wendy said...

Super cute!! Good job.

B. said...

You did a great job even with the distraction of a toddler that likes to "help" a lot (AAAAA LOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!)

Gerry said...

The card is wonderful. Glad you are finally using and getting to have fun with your Cricut.