26 January 2011

Stop the Presses; I'm Wearing a Scarf

Why is wearing a scarf blog post worthy? Two reasons, really. One, I never wear scarves - even for warmth ('cause I'm almost never cold). And two, because it's fashionable - and I'm most definitely not fashionable.

I have been feeling a little left out at work lately. In our 4-cube space, I'm the only one to not yet sport a scarf. Yep. I caved to unspoken peer pressure.

Rumor is, I am wearing the scarf correctly and matched well. (The phone pic does not do the colors in the scarf justice.)

Will I ever wear a scarf again? Maybe, maybe not. But I have proven that I'm not allergic to trying new things - something I'm working hard on this year.


Ellius said...

Welcome to the wearing-a-scarf-without-a-coat club! My sister and I frequently wear scarves to match our outfits when we're indoors. I'm fond of this style.

wrestling kitties said...

Yep, what she said. The scarf is usually always on!

Love the scarf look on you :)