31 January 2011

Let the Crafting Begin

I've decided that I need a crafting partner, er, I mean, I've decided that I want to encourage BB's creative side, so last night I dyed some adorable little ditalini pasta. The next time we're looking for something to do, we're going to make his girlfriends bracelets. If there's any left over (he has a lot of girlfriends), we might make mosaics (aka glue it to a piece of paper).

I'm really excited about how the first batch of dying came out. I stuck with the ditalini pasta this time around, but next time I might add some rigatoni or penne to the mix.

Here's how you, too, can dye pasta:
* Put assorted pasta in a zip-top freezer bag.
* Add 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol.
* Add several drops of food coloring.
* Seal and shake.
* Let pasta sit in bag for at least 30 minutes.
* Spread on wax paper and allow to dry overnight.

Rumor is, you can use colored pasta in salads, but the rubbing alcohol makes me nervous. The 'recipe' I found says it evaporates; it also says not to use water because that'll make the pasta soggy. And, finally, it says using white pasta is better than yellow because the colors will be truer. I used yellow pasta and the colors turned out pretty true to me.


Sarah said...

I'm amazed at how bright the colors are! FUN!

Wendy said...

The vibrant colors are great!

Gerry said...

I love the colors. Does G'ma count. I hope I am one of his girlfriends!!!

Iris Took said...

Cool! Consuming rubbing alcohol makes me nervous - of course I did plenty of shots of Everclear in college and I'm fine ;)

wrestling kitties said...

How fun is that! Love this idea