10 January 2011

It 'Twas a Christmas Miracle

In the final weeks of December, I played more games than I had in years. This made me soooooo happy. And a little sad. I want to play games and cards more often. Maybe I should make that a resolution.

During those fun-filled weeks, I played:euchre with someone who didn't realize until 5 hands into the game that we weren't playing with a full deck.
Scattegories with Billy, his brother and our sister-in-law.
Yahtzee with the same group as Scattegories.

And Pepper with Billy.

Who's up for a rousing game of Taboo? That's next on my list.


Written Permission said...

I used to LOVE Taboo. We figured out we could cheat without really cheating by using song lyrics for pretty much everything. :)

(We always play spades.)

wrestling kitties said...

Oh, I love board games and card games. I tried SO hard to get the family to play games over the holidays but noooooooo we watched TV instead. BORING.

When we went camping over the summer we did play Apples to Apples and Euchre which was very fun!. I am so up for Taboo....just tell me when!