21 December 2010

Where it All Began

First date. Dec. 20, 1998.


Sassytimes said...

This is so cute!

I love how almost proud your husband looks to be standing next to you....and you look so nervously sweet. Adorable.

Written Permission said...

OMG, I want to squeeze both of you to death. You are both completely adorable from start to finish. So cute!!

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

Omg. Awesome.

This is SO making me miss my pictures from 97 when C. and I met.

You two are so cute.

Iris Took said...

This is awesome! What event was this??

Amber said...

Barney's Christmas party! My roommate knew I wanted Billy to ask me out, but he was taking too long, so she invited him to the party and her boyfriend, who worked there, too, invited me. I used to work there as well, so I still had a lot of friends there. It was a great night. My old manager made Billy dance with me. Nothing like a coerced first dance!