07 December 2010

Subway Deja Vu

Am I the only one who remembers that Subway used to have breakfast back in the day? It was the mid-to-late 90s and the bread was round. The bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches were to die for. Sooooo good.

This was also around the time that they cut the bread the right way, with a little tunnel down the middle.


B. said...

I loved the old "right" way they used to cut the bread.

Written Permission said...

I think you can still ask them for the "U cut" -- at least you used to be able to.

T is annoyed at Subway for another reason: He thinks they make their sandwiches upside down, with the veggies and condiments on the bottom and the meat on the top. He finds this INFURIATING. It's bad enough if he's with me, but if I'm picking up Subway for the both of us, I have to say, "Uh, could you put the meat on the bottom?" and then they look at me as though I'm crazy.

Sassytimes said...

They don't cut the bread the "right" way anymore??? Wow. I haven't been to Subway in over a year....wish they had a drive-thru.

Iris Took said...

The old bread cutting was way better. Agreed. The meat and veggies slide out the side now!

wrestling kitties said...

Oh the subway bread cut....this is a hot topic in our house. My husband was once employed by Subway and was a Subway Artist. He lets me know this nearly every time we eat at Subway or make subs at home. He loves the old subway cut and does not like the newer cut, I however am very indifferent about it.

I never knew they sold breakfast a long time ago and I have yet to try the new breakfast. My problem is that I walk past a subway and I smell like bread the rest of the day. I don't want to get my breakfast there and smell like bread all day long. BLECH.