05 December 2010

Put This in Your CD Player and Play It

I love music. And I love Christmas music. So it follows that I love CDs that expose me to new artists singing Christmas music.

This CD, X Christmas, has something for everyone: rock, heavy metal, alternative, pop, dance, punk(ish), country(ish). The only thing that it might be lacking is a nice singer-songwriter tune. But with 17 tracks, the CD still feels complete.

BB likes to headbang (seriously) to Jingle Bell Rock; I tear up every time I hear His Favorite Christmas Story; and Billy digs Little Drummer Boy. Enjoy!


wrestling kitties said...

Oh my goodness. I NEED THIS! T & I are always looking for good Christmas CD's. FUN!

Iris Took said...

Is is funny that I immediately thought of you WK?

I feel I also NEED this.

wrestling kitties said...

I loooove this! Thank you :)

Iris, you make me smile