15 December 2010

20 Cents and a Whole Lotta Memories

I have wonderful holiday memories from childhood. Picking out our tree. Decorating our tree. Making stuffing with my mom. Getting along with my brother. Playing euchre with my parents and brother. Drinking Cold Duck. Good times.

But after my mom died, my dad went on a bit of a cleaning spree. Or maybe he moved every single thing she had ever touched to some remote storage no one knows about. Either way, I lost a lot of things I'd like to have held onto. Like all the ornaments my grandparents had ever given me. And my mom's sweet 70s Pyrex.

A few years ago, while at a random garage sale, I spotted the two beauties above in a 10-cent box. I grabbed those things up like they were gold and all the other (three) garage-salers out that morning wanted them just as badly as I did. I didn't care that they were clean (and looked brand new), I woulda bought them if they were falling apart, losing stuffing, smelly and dirty - because I had the exact same pillows for as long as I can remember. I literally started crying in the old lady's driveway when I saw them.

My Christmas is a bit more complete this year with them. Seeing BB try to put the snowman in the tree or dance with Santa was well worth my 20 cents.

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