09 November 2010

My Kind of New Jersey

Last night, Billy and I had the pleasure of seeing Bon Jovi - in a movie theater!

Seeing concerts in movie theaters is one of my favorite things to do. They're done in one of two ways - as a simulcast of a concert in progress or as the video shot during a concert. Last night's was video shot during Bon Jovi's four-night Circle Tour stand at the New Meadowlands Stadium. It rocked.

Seriously. Bon Jovi rocks. Hard. There were some beautiful tender moments, including a Bon Jovi/Sambora duet of Diamond Ring on the 50-yard line, but my favorite songs of the night were the almost frenzied tunes, like the main show closing Keep the Faith. Wow.

Bon Jovi has to be amazing in person. The closest they're coming to us in 2011 is Chicago; who wants to buy me tickets?

1 comment:

Shaun said...

I would make the trip to Chicago. I'll have to have some bake sales or something to raise money for the tickets though.