09 November 2010

I'm Thankful #9 - Music

Today's post came pretty easy - could be because of the awesome Bon Jovi 'concert' last night!

I could not live without music. It, over a book, is the one thing I'd take to a deserted island with me (assuming, of course, that Billy and BB and Devo were already there). It calms me when I'm mad, soothes me when I'm sad, pumps me up when I need a boost and keeps me company on road trips. We're never far apart, music and I.

I can tell you where I was the first time I heard November Rain and what song my brother and I always played on the jukebox when our dad bowled and what tape was playing during my first (and second) kiss.

I know what song we dedicated to the person who helped us organize our junior prom - but I can't tell you her name or what her title was. I know what tape was in Jim Battin's pick-up when I borrowed it to pick up sand for the homecoming booth my senior year. I also know what song was playing when some guy my friend Tiffany knew got his truck stuck in her driveway after we all went swimming in the rain.

There truly is a soundtrack to my life. I don't have to ponder what song or group best describes my junior high experience, that's easy. It was Whitesnake. With a little Poison thrown in for spice. I don't have to strain to remember my first tape - Tiffany - or my first CD - Sawyer Brown.

Walk the Dinosaur takes me back to my grandparents' house, my only access to MTV. John Deere Green always makes me think of the boy I went to prom with and Baby Got Back always makes me think of my second cousin Jamie.

Strange, the power of music. Don'tcha think?

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B. said...

My first tape was Whitesnake.