26 November 2010

I'm Thankful #24-26

I'm not sure if these are virtues or characteristics or what, but I'm thankful for them nonetheless:
  • Resilience. BB is made of rubber, baby. He bounces back. It doesn't matter if he's mad at me for some terrible cruelty (like not letting him eat diaper rash cream) or if he stubbed his toe or if Gram's cat took a swipe at him, it rolls off his back. Sure he cries for a bit. Sometimes it even seems like he could cry forever. But give it a minute or two and he's good as new. I wish I was that resilient.
  • Faith. BB knows, like deep, deep down in his soul, that his dad and I are there for him. He knows that if he falls into my lap, I'll catch him. He knows that if he needs his juice box opened, his dad'll get it. His every wish is our command. Not because we spoil him, which we probably do, but because we are his parents and that is what we're here for.
  • Curiosity. That jiggly red stuff may be made out of cranberries, but I don't want anything to do with it. BB on the other hand? Hand it over, he'll try it. He'll play with it first. And maybe mash some in his hair. But he'll taste it, too. Same with the remote control. And the telephone. He wants to know what those buttons do - and how they taste.
Oh to be a child.

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