21 November 2010

I'm Thankful #21 - Rover Come Over

We love our dog (see I'm Thankful #3), but between work and our son and our small yard, he doesn't always get the attention or exercise that he needs. Enter Rover Come Over Doggy Daycare. It's not a replacement for walks and belly rubs and cuddling, but it sure is a help.

Even when we had more time to spend with Devo, he loved Rover. And who wouldn't? He gets to play with other dogs. He gets tons of attention. He gets to go swimming. It's heaven-on-earth for doggies.


Written Permission said...

This place sounds wonderful! (Swimming?? Murray would die from sheer joy.)

We used to have an in-house doggie daycare person who came and walked/played/fed our dogs, and they LOVED her. Wish we could still afford it. :(

wrestling kitties said...

I remember when I first heard you talking about this place....it sounded awesome! For dogs or people :)