20 November 2010

I'm Thankful #19 & #20 - Growing Up in the Country and Metroparks

I grew up in the country. Driveway so long you can't see the stone road at the end of it country. Stone road so off the beaten path that there's never any traffic. Trees so thick you couldn't hear the traffic if there was any to hear. Neighbors so far away they can't hear you playing tackle football at 3 in the morning, using your car headlights to see.

I loved every second of living in the middle of nowhere. I loved splashing in the creek, swinging on the rope swing, zipping on the zipping line. Building tree forts and playing hide-and-seek that literally could get you lost. Sleeping in the yard - without even a tent in the early days, on the trampoline as I got older. Oh, the views of the sky when houses and street lights don't get in the way.

Moving to the city was never in the cards for me. But somehow I ended up here. I think about moving almost every day. Not because I don't like my house. Or my too-close-for-comfort neighbors. But because I don't have a yard. Or enough trees. And I can't see the sky.

But I do have two city parks less than a 5-minute walk away. And several beeeeauuuutiful metroparks a short drive away. Without them, and the occasional glimpse of wilderness, of something bigger than me, I'd be a pretty sad city dweller.

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Wendy said...

I know I've said this before - I never thought I would, but I miss cornfields.