18 November 2010

I'm Thankful #18 - My Love of Learning

Whether or not I would go to college after high school wasn't a decision I ever had to make - I wanted to go. Granted I wanted to go to college in Michigan, but my dad had other plans. It was take advantage of the full ride to Northwest State Community College or pay for U of M on my own. Gulp.

Northwest State wasn't bad. It just didn't have any classes in my major, which I knew from about birth would be journalism. I transferred to Bowling Green State University and fit all my journalism classes into 2 years (by living in West Hall) and all was right with the world.

I always knew I wanted to continue on in some way - most preferably by taking the pop culture or philosophy classes I didn't have room for at BG. I know those won't get me anywhere, but those are things I'm interested in and I want to learn more.

Until I get to a place where I can shell out thousands of dollars for fun pop culture of music classes, I'm going to grad school, double majoring in marketing and communications, which could benefit me in my career.

School makes me happy. Books make me happy. Learning makes me happy. I like being happy.


Sassytimes said...

I love learning too!!

B. said...


Wendy said...

Smartie pants!

wrestling kitties said...

Agree. Seeing my sister and husband in school makes me SO envious for the learning. I HATED school in HS, but found a love for it in college. I want to go back SO much.