17 November 2010

I'm Thankful #16 & #17 - Dudley and the Open Road

Traveling has always been a big part of my life. I've never been anywhere 'glamorous', I've never crossed the pond and I don't have a passport, but I've been to some amazing places and met some cool people. I've had great experiences, both on trips with my family and with Billy, and I plan to have lots more.

My most memorable trips included camping under Mount Rushmore, snorkeling in Mexico, and watching the sunset over the Delaware Bay. Seeing my mom get freaked out by a bear, which I'm still convinced was just my dad, and seeing my dad get freaked out by moose tracks were pretty cool, too.

I'm thankful that we have the means and desire to travel. I'm thankful that we were able to buy Dudley, which allows spur-of-the-moment, pet-friendly weekend road trips. I'm thankful we are carrying on a traveling tradition and hopefully instilling the love of the open road with BB.


Wendy said...

camping is the bomb

wrestling kitties said...

How fun. There are going to be SO MANY wonderful memories made with Dudley for you and BB!