13 November 2010

I'm Thankful #12 - Eyesight

Back in June, my eye doctor saw a spot on my optical nerve that concerned her, so she sent me to a specialist. The specialist conducted several tests, some of which were kind of uncomfortable, but the diagnosis was still up in the air: calcium deposits or pseudotumor cerebri. I was told to come back in 4 months for more tests.

Four months was yesterday. Until this week, I'd been pretty calm and positive about the whole thing. Why get worked up about a possible tumor, when it could just as easily be a calcium deposit? But yesterday was pretty hard. The reality of the testing hit me.

So I go in, have some more tests, some the same, some different, and talk to the specialist again. Unfortunately, he still can't make a diagnosis. One of my test results concerned him, but not enough to call it one way or the other. The plan? Well, it sucks. I wait. And go back in 6 months for more tests. Unless something happens between now and then in which case I'd get an MRI.

Not really sounding like a positive, thankful post, huh? It is. I just probably should have waited a couple days to write it. I am thankful for my sight. I am thankful that contacts and glasses give me perfect vision. I am thankful that I get to see my beautiful son every day and Billy and Devo and trees and grass and the sky. I am thankful that I can read and type and watch TV. Until someone tells me differently, I'm going to go with it - and not take a day of it for granted.


Ayushi Mona said...

This really touched me. Of all things, I am grateful for my vision, my sight, for the colours and beauty around.And I have patetic myopic eyesight and your post made me realise that I should take better care.

Written Permission said...

Really, really hope it's the better diagnosis, and I'll be sending positive vibes in your direction.

I have horrible vision, but glasses and contacts take care of that easily, and it's something most of us take for granted.