21 October 2010

My Husband is in Love with a Pair of Pants

About a year ago, my brother-in-law gave my husband a pair of authentic military desert camo pants. They didn't fit quite right, so they've been hanging on the back of our bedroom door since then. For some reason, Billy decided to break them out Saturday - and he's been wearing them ever since. I might have to sneak them into the wash when he's sleeping like I do with BB's blanket.


B. said...

I think I am going to sleep in them.

Gerry said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease wash them before your Mother comes to visit!!

Iris Took said...

I watched He's Just Not That Into You this weekend and the Ben Affleck/Jen Anniston scenes make me think of this post.

PS - Have you seen this movie? NOT what I thought. Sort of depressing.

wrestling kitties said...

Iris....that is exactly what I thought of when I read about the cargo pants. Funny! The movie was OK.

B., watch your pants carefully :)