08 October 2010

I Don't Know if I Agree

I see the following Kroger billboard every day on my way home from work:

"No lines means great service."

I want it to say:

"No lines mean great service."

Which way do you think it should be?


Wendy said...

Is there a rule? Couldn't it go either way? I think it works either way.

wrestling kitties said...

I am HORRIBLE at grammar so I would say:

"No lines...so what are you waiting for!"

teehee :)

Written Permission said...

I'm pretty sure the Kroger version is correct, shockingly. I'm not sure of the exact rule, but it seems like "No lines" is a singular idea, so the verb would be singular. Kind of like "Great service means..." blah blah blah.

"No lines mean great service" kind of sounds like there are no lines that mean great service. Know what I mean? :)

There. That's my two cents!

Iris Took said...

I think it should say:

"Kroger is terrible."


I kid. Only the Kroger by me on Monroe and Secor is terrible. The ones in Sylvania are much nicer.