13 August 2010

Why Does it take a Week to Clean My House?

Today's question of the day is not the title of this post. Although I would like to know what's up with that.

Today's question of the day is: How do you clean? One room at a time? Or one duty* at a time, like dusting or windows or vacuuming?

* I said duty.


Sarah said...

I typically "pick-up" one room at a time, then when all are picked-up, I go back and do one duty at a time through the whole house.

wrestling kitties said...


I hate cleaning and hate that I let our house get so cluttered and instead of picking stuff up every couple days I wait till it is a mess then have to spend an entire day(or weekend)cleaning. This just happened AGAIN last week....you would think I would learn but I do not :( sigh

I do what Sarah does....straighten up rooms one by one then do one duty at a time.

Iris Took said...

HAHA! Duty. I just did a major clean today and it took me all day and then I had to take a nap.

Iris Took said...

PS I do not do one room at a time. I clean by job. Sweep all rooms, then mop all rooms, etc... I get so distracted because if I have to take something from one room to the next I can't just plop it there. I need cleaning lessons.

Wendy said...

We keep our house extremely picked up (we're anal about it, but whatevs) but I don't clean-clean unless it gets really dirty or I have a reason, such as an open house, a showing, or we're having a visitor. I clean by room because I like to have the sense of accomplishment that "this room is finished, onto the next!" I cleaned like a banshee before we went on vacation and it was really nice coming home to a spic-and-span house!