19 July 2010

Sometimes Cheating is OK

Over the past few months, I've discovered a new style of cooking. I like to call it 'cheating'. It's so brilliant that I kind of wanted to keep it to myself, but that's not very nice. So, here's my first cheater's recipe (which I stole from Rachael Ray).

Quick 'Fried' Ice Cream
* Vanilla ice cream
* Cinnamon and sugar
* Honey
* Chocolate syrup
* Corn flakes, crushed
* Nuts, if desired
* Maraschino cherry, if desired

Put all items in a bowl; eat. Tastes pretty much like fried ice cream - without the hassle.


Written Permission said...

LIKE! Cheating is a way of life in my kitchen. Although usually it's because I don't have all the necessary ingredients and have to guess what would make a good substitute...

Gerry said...

No fair I just started the South Beach Diet!!!!

wrestling kitties said...

I have done this before and it is brilliant! SO GOOD! More cheating recipes :)